First Day of Class

>> Monday, August 30, 2010

1.Classes began today... nothing too strenuous.

2. Today I learned that one of the best female boxers in the world is from Uruguay!

3. I had fun Skyping the family today... it was a four-way wi-fi reunion!

4. We had "faina" (a soft dough-bread made from garbanzo bean flour) and coffee at Papiros while Ronnie taught the group a card game called "Descomfio"

5.Caitlin and Audrey and I have learned our lesson about staying up late, and we are going to hit the hay earlier than usual tonight.

6. Here is a slideshow of additional photos from our leisure Sunday:

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Susan Tipton August 31, 2010  

Scalping, Skyping. It's amazing the difference just a few sounds make.

Love the blog. I look forward to exploring Montevido vicariously for the next few months.

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