Our First Sunday

>> Sunday, August 29, 2010

We went to church Sunday morning at El Chana. Casa ACU and the church share the building, which is a refurbished coffee factory. At church, everyone greets everyone else with a little kiss on the cheek, which is welcoming. This is the building we live in:

After service, Ronnie cooked a great meal of raviolis for his mom and me. Yum!
Later, we went to the feria, which is a huge street market where people sell everything from food and clothes to books and ceramic tiles.
afterwards, we walked with the youth down to Parque Rodo, where we sat on the green grass and drank mate, laughing and stumbling over words. It was pretty chilly sometimes, so Audrey and I had an armpit-warming session:

We continued through the park to the Rambla, or the "boardwalk" by the beach. We spent time there skipping rocks, climbing around, and just enjoying the scenic view. This is a view of the Rambla:

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