Estancia Don Joaquín

>> Friday, September 10, 2010

Today we spent the day at the Estancia Don Joaquín, a ranch just a couple hours outside of Montevideo. We rode horses in the morning, had a traditional asado for lunch, swam in the heated pool, and then finished off with a lovely ride as the sun went down. My horse's name was "Tuviana" which is also the name of a red roan in spanish. It was one of the more rowdy horses in the bunch, and it also was the lead horse, which meant I was always at the front of the ride. We got along well, and ran like lightning at the end of each ride- quite the adrenaline rush! We found the ranch to be very nice, and the staff hospitable and friendly. Also, the Gaucho-man in charge of the horses asked me if I was Uruguayan after a short conversation :) This is probably because I didn't say much, but it was still a boost!
Here are the pics of the day: (click any picture to zoom)

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Susan Tipton September 16, 2010  

Fabulous pictures. If I was you mom the one of you sitting between two vases would have been printed out in a heartbeat.

Can't think of a better compliment to your language or social skills to be mistaken for a local.

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