Ñoquis, Cats, and Eyes (Oh my!)

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Four things from today...
1. Today is the 29th, and here in Uruguay, it is traditional to eat ñoquis on this day every month. Ñoquis are a type of potato pasta, and if you find some pesos under your plate, you are sure to have good luck!
Here is a link that has some different accounts of the origin of the southern cone ñoquis tradition: Ñoquis Explained!

2. Here is a birthday poem I wrote for Victoria on Monday. She turned 20, and we love her.

3. Today I learned that cats in Uruguay only have 7 lives... bummer.
I plan on advising all the cats I meet to head north when they start running low on lives. It's the least I can do.

4. Juuuuust a handful of alfajores help the eye-medicine go down, the eye-medicine go doooown, the eye-medicine go down!

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