Tango Friday

>> Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's talk tango.
Uruguay and Buenos Aires share credit for the birth of Tango in the early 20th century. The dance has roots in a mix of dances, including Uruguayan candombe and milonga. It is a complicated and beautiful dance, often accompanied by extremely showy dresses, which are a contrast to the rather conservative clothing typical for daily wear. The music tends to be depressing, about the pain of lost love, and always at the fault of the woman involved.
Earlier this week we saw a group of some elderly folks doing the tango in the Plaza Independencia, just as a leisurely pasttime. They looked something like this:

Tonight we had the pleasure of attending a tango show at "Melgodon" (which actually included a few other traditional dances). The singing was robust and impressive; the dancing did not disappoint! It was more professional and showy, like this:

Here's our group onstage:

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