All for a bike race?

>> Friday, November 12, 2010

The Good News:
The Salt Flats were fantastic. We were with a fun group, and the flats lived up to the pictures. We even hiked a volcano (not in the original plans) which caused me to question if life was worth living, but it turned out worthwhile! It was the most colorful volcano I have ever seen, quite a contrast to the vast whiteness of salt.
We made it back to La Paz early thing morning with plenty of time to catch our bus.

The Bad News:
Upon check-in with the bus company with which we had bought tickets, we were informed that all the roads to Arica, Chile are closed due to a bike race. Why does this matter, you ask?
Our flight back to Montevideo leaves at 8:20 tomorrow morning from Arica, Chile.
It would have been great if that little detail had been mentioned when we bought the tickets two days ago.
So now, essentially, we are stuck in Bolivia, having no choice but to miss our flights.
After all our effort (and success) at making this a relatively inexpensive trip, we will have to cough up over $300 to get back to Montevideo.
All because of a BIKE RACE!

I can see the humor of the situation, but right now I really feel like performing acts of destruction on the Trans Salvador bus company, and maybe a few bike race sponsors...
Caitlin and I will be distracting ourselves with candy until we´re back home in Montevideo.


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