So far, So good

>> Friday, November 5, 2010

After spending the night in the airport disability bathroom, we caught a taxi in time to be the second car to cross the border into Peru this morning, which was great because the line grew rapidly after the border opened!

We are halfway to Cusco, and the ride has been lovely. The dessert dunes and mountains have their own unique glory. Through wrinkly heat waves I could make out a few establishments on the horizon, but the solitude of this almost vacant land is impressive. How striking is this great dry mouth of colors! Blue-grey dunes slithering down red mountains... desolate, and yet it commands attention with it´s own cutting voice!

We have just had a delicious Peruvian meal, complete with "Inca Kola" to drink.
Unfortunately, you´ll have to wait on pictures until next week. (ha!)


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