>> Monday, November 8, 2010

If I try to fit all of our experiences thus far into the typed word, I might explode.
Yes, we have that many stories to tell.

We´ve met a slew of wonderful people from all over the world, experienced Peru with locals, eaten amazing food, seen striking countrysides, and slept very little.

We spent eight hours yesterday in Machu Picchu (all the postcard pictures are true!), even taking a nap onsite, and today we returned to conquer Waynapicchu, which we did in 39 minutes. We are starting to feel pretty cool in our llama sweaters and greasy hair.

We leave in two hours for Bolivia, which should be cheap... among other things. Our extensive planning has paid off, and things have gone smoothly. We feel like we have taken maximum advantage of all the places we have been so far! And, God keeps taking care of us and enriching our trip in funny nice little ways!

Glory be!

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